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Here you’ll find a few general, but essential questions designed to be a catalyst for any business / organization that has a new website project on their horizon. These are preparatory questions. They can be used to flesh out an idea offering your business / organization a head start on any official project planning.

For convenience, download a PDF, printer friendly version (with space for taking notes).

1) What sparked the new project?

What were the ideas and business problems that contributed to initial project conversations? Analyze these ideas and problems and note how this website project was considered for the solution.

2) How will this project support the existing business / organization?

Consider current customers and clientèle and how this new website project will support these relationships. Also weigh its impact on internal personnel. How will their jobs and work-flows be disrupted?

3) What are the business / organization goals?

Inventory short-term and long-term goals. Then determine areas where the new website project will function as part of these initiatives.

4) How can the website drive business expansion?

While in a business goals frame of mind, consider how this new website project can support business growth. Can it aid in innovation, improve operational efficiency, boost sales or something even greater?

5) Who will use the website?

Create a list of users who will interact with the website. Look for and note any definable roles within these user groups. Be sure to include any expectations for roles related to management and content contributions from internal staff.

6) What online competition exists?

Explore your competitive space. Keep track of anything that looks significantly successful or unsuccessful.

7) What is the primary story?

What is the main business / organization message that will be conveyed? Is there a point of difference that sets this website apart from its competition?

8) What production resources are required for this project?

Examine any known high-level requirements. Define a preferred time-line and be prepared to have discussions about budgets, vendors, and internal resources by ball-parking any known resource considerations.

9) What content, data and assets exist?

As a first step towards production, create an inventory of any existing assets. Include data, textual content, imagery, video and any other files that will exist within the project.

10) How will users find the new website?

What traffic driving methods will be employed? Make note of any channels including organic search engine, paid search, social media, and off-line campaigns.

11) How will project success be measured?

What key performance indicators can be used to gauge the success of the project? Are there also qualitative measures that can be considered?


For assistance with these questions and to talk about the next steps contact a Signal Strength website professional.