Wordpress for Website Content Management

Signal Strength is a preeminent provider of Wordpress based website solutions. This includes Wordpress's highly acclaimed content management system (CMS), a fully featured platform with flexibility to run anything from small business blog to a complex, data-driven website. Elevate your on-line initiatives with a Wordpress website designed by Signal Strength.

What makes Wordpress work so well?

Here are a few things to consider.

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Open Source

Wordpress is one of the most highly adopted, open source website content management systems in the world. Its large community of active developers maintain its regularly updated source code and act as the driving force behind new feature roll-outs. When you factor in its functionality and its free price tag Wordpress is a CMS platform that is hard to beat.

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Full Featured

Wordpress comes with an impressive feature set right out of the box. It includes functionality like search, user management, content previewing, comments, search engine optimization, media management, multi-language, design themeing, and much more. Custom programming and Wordpress plugins can extend the platform even further to align with almost any functional requirements.

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Easy to Use

The Wordpress website administration system is a straight-forward, web based application that provides great flexibility and control over content and functionality. Text editors use familiar "what you see is what you get" controls and the media library is as simple as drag and drop. If questions do arise, there is a abundant documentation online. A good place to begin is Wordpress.org.

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Highly Customizable

Wordpress is fully customizable, front-end and back. With Wordpress themeing, any design can come to life as your website's interface. Third party plugins offer additional options for adding features and functionality and with custom programming, Wordpress's capabilities are virtually limitless.

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