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Portfolio Website

  • Date:08 January 2016
  • Client:Kraus Anderson
  • Services:Wordpress, HTML/CSS, Development (PHP, MySQL)
  • Url:

Kraus Anderson’s development company operates to identify, advance and support commercial property opportunities. It delivers value to it’s clients and companies by leveraging it’s integrated real estate and construction expertise. It’s Development. From the ground up.

Engagement: Signal Strength worked with Kraus Anderson to build a new website focused on telling their companies development story.

Project goals included:

  • Creation of a new Kraus Anderson Development focused website.
  • Website should have a portfolio as it’s core content.
  • Must have a content management system.
  • Content should clearly communicate development services and industries.
  • Website “look and feel” should compliment other Kraus Anderson digital properties.
  • Architecture must allow for future content expansion.

Result: The Kraus Anderson Development Company website is now on-line at

Production highlights include:

  • New interface design from collaboration with Merge Co.
  • Fully responsive (mobile-friendly) HTML and CSS code.
  • Front-end built on-top of Canvas template system.
  • Clear emphasis put on portfolio content.
  • Complete WordPress integration for content management.