The Jrco Inc. Website Project

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Redesign & Rebuild

  • Date:16 April 2013
  • Client:Jrco Inc.
  • Services:Strategy, UX Consulting, Design, Development (C#, .NET)
  • Url:

Jrco Inc. is a manufacturer of commercial lawnmower implements.  Their product line includes everything from aerators to spreaders and more.  They have a patented universal mount bar which allows for quick coupling to all major types of commercial mowers.

Engagement: This project included a complete redesign and rebuild of Services included strategies, planning, design and programming.

Our high level goals included

  • Refresh and enhance user interface
  • Modernize the programming technologies
  • Make tablet friendly / Remove flash modules
  • Remove dependency on SQL Server
  • Allow for product and content data management
  • Improve organic search optimization
  • Add and then measure a more prominent CTA


  • An evolved interface with larger imagery, clearer focus, and improved usability.
    • moving up in size from 800×600 to a 970 grid
    • cleaner typography using web fonts
    • product imagery added to drop-down menus
  • A modernized front-end that leverages newer HTML /CSS standards and JavaScript libraries.
    • Custom JQuery used to display media galleries (replacing existing Flash)
    • Collapsible CTA added to each product page.
    • Carousel design pattern used to showcase multiple, large size images and video.
  • A retooled back-end built on Microsoft .Net technology.
    • C#.NET code-base
    • product data stored as XML for
    • Google Spreadsheet used store and maintain fit-list data
    • Captcha form validation added
    • Video leverages YouTube API