The Sparticl Design Project

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UX Refresh

  • Date:18 July 2014
  • Client:Twin Cities Public Television
  • Services:Strategy, UX Consulting, Design
  • Url:

Sparticl is a Twin Cities Public Television and 3M sponsored creation.  At its core, this application acts as a search engine, delivering curated scientific content to its niche audience, kids, 10 to 15 years old.  Spaticl then elevates the user experience by leveraging social and gaming functionality.

Engagement:  Signal Strength worked directly with Twin Cities Public Television providing design services for Sparticl including:

  • Existing website UX evaluation.
  • Identity adaptation for website usage.
  • Interface design – multiple concepts with desktop and mobile screens.
  • Graphic source and standards package.

Result:  When applied, this enhanced look and feel took the Sparticl user experience to a new level.  Testing returned positive feedback and newly distinguishable interface elements indicated increased recognition.  Increased engagement is part of an overall success for this phase of Twin Cities Public Television Sparticl application.